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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Design Options in Revit LT

The differences between Revit LT and Revit are well documented and have been widely debated on the Internet, twitter and other places. One such difference that may not be so widely known is the location for Design Options. This may sound as if the location has been changed from Revit, but in fact it has not. But what has happened is for Revit LT the option to enable or disable Design Options has been added. See image below.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Project Chronicle

Autodesk Labs launched it's newest Technology Preview earlier today; Project Chronicle. And if you are anything like me you are probable a little curious to know more about what Project Chronicle is.

Project Chronicle is a free technology preview from Autodesk Research that makes it extremely convenient and easy for users to capture, share, and learn from software workflows. Project Chronicle consists of a recording utility to capture recordings, and a website that displays the recordings as Chronicles, interactive video tutorials.

The Chronicle Recording Utility allows users to capture workflows from within Autodesk products. The utility records a continuous video screen capture and optionally voice narration. What makes Chronicle unique is that is also records the timing and details of workflow information, such as the tools, settings, and dialog boxes that are used during the workflow.

Captured data is then uploaded to the Chronicle Website where other users can view a video of the workflow. Additionally, the captured workflow events are displayed on an interactive timeline, enhancing the viewing and learning experience.

In essence, Project Chronicle will allow software experts to showcase their expertise and will allow other users to view and learn from their real-world expert examples.

Please visit the Project Chronicle Website: https://chronicle.autodesk.com.

Once installed you can use the Chronicle Recording Utility to record your favorite work flow for others to watch. This is great for the BIM Managers documenting workflows for new users.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Revit LT

After much waiting Autodesk has officially announced the release of Revit LT.
Revit LT should prove to be a useful addition to the BIM toolset, but with some differences that may or may not prove to be a hindrance to its potential user base.

For a full list of differences click here.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Clean Uninstall of Revit Products

From time to time many of our Autodesk tools such as AutoCAD and Revit give us strange errors that we just don't understand. From the Blog What Revit Wants we find "Inches to the Fourth Power" and "Feet Per Second Squared", then I also came across the following error message:

Unfortunately we could not isolate this error to a single Revit file, it happened to any file we opened, but only on a single machine. So we where left with no choice but to perform a Clean Uninstall based on the Autodesk Support Solution.

On a side note, it would be fun to see what other strange errors Revit spits out...

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Twilight Epiphany

A great project at Rice University caught my attention today. Twilight Epiphany by James Turrell.

"Anchoring the western end of Rice University's main quad in Houston, James Turrell's new 118-foot-square Skyspace emerges from the earth (or lands from the heavens, depending on how you see it) in front of the monolithic Shepherd School of Music. “This is architecture that light and space makes,” explains the artist. When the sun illuminates the atmosphere, you can't see through it to view the stars that are there, he points out. “Light not only reveals, it also obscures—so you can actually build a space with it. I use light and architecture in that way: to limit space and to reveal it, either way.” "

Read more about it here: Twilight Epiphany.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


FM:Systems has recently announced the release of FM:BIM. The Key Capabilities as listed on the FM:BIM website include:
  • Create live, bi-directional links between Revit models and the FM:BIM Cloud-based application.
  • Connect BIM data from design, construction and renovation to facility management and operations.
  • Manage FM:BIM room and space information both in Revit and in a Web browser.
  • Synchronize type and instance properties for assets in Revit models with building equipment data in FM:BIM.
  • Plan maintenance for building equipment.
  • Track asset history and warranty requirements.
  • Publish views from Revit models to FM:BIM — enabling anyone on the project team to visualize and manage model information.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Grid Line Visibility

Recently while working with an older version of Revit, I ran in to an issue of visibility of Grid Lines that where not perpendicular to the elevation clipping plane. In the plan view the grid lines show just fine, however when it comes to elevation view the grid lines do not show up.

However once I opened the file in Revit 2013 and used the new Multi-Segment Grid Line tool, I was able to sketch a grid line that will allow me to see the grid in both plan and elevation view as expected.

In the sketch, I created three lines. One line that is angled with the wall and two lines that are perpendicular to the elevation view at both the beginning and end of the angled wall.